This week, hundreds of CAI members gather in Las Vegas, to reconnect with friends and colleagues from around the world at CAI’s Annual Conference and Exposition: Community NOW. One of CAI’s core objectives is to advocate for public policy that creates the most ideal legislative and regulatory environments for community associations. There are more than 37 legislative action committees, 500 volunteers, and 30 lobbyists advocating at the local, state, and federal levels to maintain the integrity of the community association housing model. CAI member volunteers in Las Vegas will share strategy, experiences, perspective, and leadership to continue to take advocacy efforts to the next level. Here is a summary of these efforts.


Each year, CAI recognizes volunteers who contributed substantially to CAI’s mission of building better communities. In the area of government and public affairs, the following individuals were recognized:

Paul K. Mengert, CMCA, PCAM (CEO of Association Management Group (AMG)., Greensboro, N.C.), was recognized with the Excellence in Government & Public Affairs Award for his tremendous contributions to legislative advocacy in North Carolina. Mengert is a regular supporter of political campaigns in North Carolina and was engaged and involved in many meetings with legislators at all levels of government.

The Texas Legislative Action Committee worked diligently to combat legislation negatively impacting the 6.2 million Texas residents living in community associations and heavily fundraising funds to support their successful efforts. Its tremendous work earned the CAI Legislative Action Committee of the Year Award.

Michael D. Johnson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, and member of the CAI Utah LAC and Government & Public Affairs Committee, is being honored as the Recruiter of the Year.

Mitchell H. Frumkin, RS, member of the New Jersey Legislative Action Committee, is being honored with the Distinguished Service Award.


Government & Public Affairs Meeting.  More than 150 people from more than 35 states attended the Government & Public Affairs meeting to discuss what is happening at the federal level and exchange information about what is happening throughout the states.

Future blogs will include a full legislative update. Here are highlights from the Government & Public Affairs Committee meeting and the legislative and regulatory update session held at the conference presented by Dawn Bauman, CAE, and Peter Kristian, CMCA, LSM, PCAM, chair of the Government & Public Affairs Committee.

Federal Update. Work continues these priorities, including access to mortgages for condominiums and housing cooperatives (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements), delays and exemptions to the Corporate Transparency Act, maintaining FCC bulk billing options for community associations, urging condominium safety low interest government backed loan programs, pursuing movement  of the Disaster Assistance Fairness Act, supporting the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce, and preserving community association covenants from preemption by special interest groups. More information may be found here..

State Update. CAI tracked more than 1,200 bills so far. Condominium safety continues to be discussed in many states, with bills passed in New Jersey and still being considered in Illinois and Michigan.  Other issues include foreclosures and fining ability, board member education regulations, electric vehicle charging stations, access to solar devices, proposals restricting HOAs from prohibiting chicken and bee keeping, and ombudsman and HOA complaint offices.

LACs experienced a lot of success negotiating bill language, defeating legislation, and passing legislation that helps CAI members. Find more details on what’s happening in your state, here.

Public Policy Development. We’re in the process of updating alternative dispute resolution, fining and foreclosure ability, and board member education public policies to ensure they are relevant for today’s environment. If you’re interested in getting involved in the review process, please contact CAI’s Government and Public Affairs team at


Mark your calendar for next year’s conference. The 2025 CAI Annual Conference & Exposition: Community NOW, May 8-11 in Orlando.


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