More than 600 individuals from across the country volunteer their time to serve on a state or federal Legislative Action Committee (LAC).  Additionally, more than 100 of these volunteers served 10 or more years on their state LAC, dedicating their time and talent to protecting the interests of community associations at the state level.

Join us in expressing our sincere appreciation to these incredible volunteers for their leadership and dedication to the community association housing model. Share your appreciation by signing this petition, thanking these incredible volunteers. This petition lists the name of each LAC committee members who have served for the last 10 years or more.

LAC members represent CAI members interests in the following ways:

  • Promote and follow CAI public policies at the state level.
  • Draft and review calls to action and other correspondence to let CAI members know what legislative is being considered and/or has passed, and how it may impact community associations.
  • Write articles, letters, and position papers on behalf of the LAC.
  • Conduct and organize lobbying activities.
  • Communicate with legislators or industry allies in support of the LAC activities.
  • Stay informed on current state and industry issues and update chapter members of developments.
  • Draft materials for mailings and communications to legislators, chapters, and CAI members.
  • Manage the administration, operations, and financials of the LAC.
  • Raises funds to keep the best lobbyists hired.

Over the past decade, there was a tremendous increase in issues of relevance, concern, and interest to community associations at each state capital. Each volunteer’s contributions, time, ideas, and input in this committee were vital for keeping your state LAC strong and relevant, and imperative to its growth.


On behalf of CAI staff and members in your state, we sincerely thank you for being part of this very important committee.

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