CAI Legislative Action Committees (LACs) monitor state legislation, educate lawmakers, and protect the interests of those living and working in community associations. Each volunteer committee is comprised of homeowner leaders, community managers, and representatives from community association business partners.

With 46 states in session in 2024, CAI LACs hosted advocacy and fly-in days with legislators in state capitals to educate them on sound public policy for the community association housing model. Here’s a roundup of recent activities to date:


On Feb. 21, CAI Illinois Legislative Action Committee (ILAC) members and advocates convened in Springfield, Ill., for ILAC Lobby Day, advocating on behalf of the 3.9 million Illinoisans living in community associations. Over the course of the visit, ILAC was able to participate in meetings with 11 state legislators to advocate for better public policy on behalf of the community association housing model. Discussions largely focused on the governance model and best practices of community association boards. ILAC has scheduled several follow-up meetings to continue positive conversations with lawmakers.


On Feb. 21, CAI Michigan Legislative Action Committee (MI-LAC) members and advocates met in Lansing, Mich., for MILAC Legislative Advocacy Day to advocate on behalf of the 1.439 million Michiganders living in community associations. Meeting with almost 15 state legislators and their staffs, MI-LAC spent the day advocating for stronger reserve study and funding regulations and policy as well as improvements to the Michigan Marketable Record Title Act.


On Feb. 27, a dozen members of CAI’s Missouri Legislative Action Committee (MO-LAC) met in Jefferson City, Mo., for MO-LAC’s Second Annual Legislative Advocacy Day to advocate on behalf of the 948,000 Missourians living in community associations. MO-LAC met with several leadership offices and 10 state legislators to promote MO-LAC as a resource to lawmakers and constituents. Priorities for 2024 include promoting a homeowners bill of rights, protecting established association covenants, and the ability to reasonably regulate chicken populations in communities.


On Feb. 28, CAI’s Oregon Legislative Action Committee (OR-LAC) members and advocates met in Salem, Oreg., for OR-LAC’s inaugural Legislative Advocacy Day to advocate on behalf of the 580,000 Oregonians living in community associations. OR-LAC met with more than half a dozen legislative leadership offices to introduce CAI and education legislators and staff on the community association housing model.


On Feb. 7, CAI’s Tennessee Legislative Action Committee (TN-LAC) members and advocates met in Nashville, Tenn., for TN-LAC’s inaugural Legislative Advocacy Day to advocate on behalf of the 750,000 Tennesseans living in community associations. More than 25 members of CAI’s Tennessee chapter met with more than 25 legislative offices, including 20 legislators to educate lawmakers on the community association housing model and association board best practices. Meeting discussions included security in community associations and uniform acts related to homeowners associations.


While the Texas legislature is not in session in 2024, CAI’s Texas Legislative Action Committee (TX-LAC) held a 2024 in-person strategic planning session in Austin, Texas. TX-LAC is discussing 2025 legislative priorities and fundraising strategies to ensure it has appropriate resources to build the best public policy possible for the 6.122 million Texans living in community associations over the next two years.


On Feb. 21, CAI’s Virginia Legislative Action Committee (VA-LAC) members and advocates met in Richmond, Va., for VA-LAC’s inaugural Advocacy Day to advocate on behalf of 2.05 million Virginians living in community associations. Ten members of VA-LAC met with more than 20 legislative offices, including several legislators, to promote 2024 legislative priorities. Specifically, LAC members discussed a legislative fix to correct a 2023 court opinion impacting how assessments are used by boards.

Thank you to CAI volunteer members who took the time to participate in these important conversations with their state legislators. CAI’s advocacy efforts would not achieve success across the country without these individuals’ time and dedication. If you are interested in getting involved in CAI’s advocacy efforts, please visit our advocacy webpage today.

As 2024 state legislative sessions continue, several other CAI LACs are advocating on behalf of community associations. State LACs conduct fundraisers like the Dollar-a-Door-or-More campaign to increase advocacy efforts. Individual and corporate donations are permitted and greatly appreciated. Donate or learn more about your CAI LAC here. Click here for current legislation tracked and addressed by CAI’s LACs across the country.

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