The CAI Board of Trustees has approved two important public policies: An update to the building inspection and structural integrity public policy, and the new home-based business childcare public policy.

Building Inspection and Structural Integrity Public Policy: After eight months of careful review and consideration, the CAI Building Inspection and Maintenance Public Policy Task Force has recommended updates to our building inspection and maintenance public policy. These changes reflect recent legislative and advocacy activities across the country, particularly in Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and Delaware. The proposed changes include specifying inspection standards for structures and facades, clarifying developer requirements prior to turnover, setting legislative standards for communication requirements, and ensuring funding for emergent life safety repairs. Additionally, a definition section was added to establish common nomenclature, and best practice recommendations were modified to provide clear guidelines for developers and associations.

Home-Based Childcare Public Policy: Recognizing the unique challenges and regulatory environment surrounding home-based childcare facilities, the Home-Based Businesses Public Policy Task Force introduced a new home-based childcare public policy. After the COVD-19 pandemic, it became increasingly apparent that access to convenient and affordable childcare is challenging for many working parents. Unlike many other home-based businesses, home-based childcare facilities are subject to specific licensing and inspection requirements at the state and local levels. This policy supports the association’s ability to regulate access to common elements, requires insurance coverage and indemnification, preserves the right to enforce state and local licensing requirements, and allows for reasonable restrictions on the number of children served while creating opportunity for child-care home-based businesses to navigate community association processes and covenants more easily.

These updates underscore CAI’s commitment to condominium safety and advocating on issues that face most homeowners and community associations, while promoting transparency and effective governance within community associations. We believe these policies will provide valuable guidance to our legislative action committee members and ensure thriving and well-maintained communities. Thank you to all involved in the review and recommendation process.

Visit our website to see all of CAI’s public policy statements.

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