CAI has 37 state Legislative Action Committees (LACs), made up of volunteers representing over 74.2 million Americans living in homeowners associations, condominiums, and housing cooperatives. LAC members include homeowner leaders, community managers, and business partners who work together to advance CAI’s legislative agenda at the state level. The Federal LAC supports CAI’s federal advocacy efforts in Congress, administrative agencies, and other regulatory bodies. 

We are excited to introduce the chairs of the LACs for 2024, who are responsible for leading and coordinating the activities of the LACs in their states. They also communicate with CAI staff and members and represent CAI in meetings with legislators and other stakeholders. These leaders are passionate about community associations and committed to making a positive difference in the legislative arena. We are grateful for their service and proud to have them as part of our team. 

Here are the faces you need to know for 2024 CAI Legislative Action Committees:

Learn more about your state’s LAC here. Consider donating to your LAC and helping the LACs fulfill their advocacy mission! Learn more and donate here.

  • Lula Fekadu

    Fekadu is the Senior Manager, Government & Public Affairs and PAC Compliance, and works with hundreds of volunteer leaders throughout the 50 states serving on CAI legislative action committees and CAI government affairs committees to advocate for strong and sensible public policy-impacting community associations. As Senior Manager, of Government & Public Affairs and PAC Compliance, Fekadu is a liaison as well as a team leader and has been with the Community Associations Institute for over 20 years. Managing the Legislative Action Committees (LACs) nomination process, the Political Action Committee (PAC), and Lobbying reporting compliance and filing deadlines by ensuring CAI complies with the laws and regulations. Manage CAI Designation Code of Ethics Committee Docket and handle complaint inquiries and provide project management support for special projects at the direction of the SVP. Fekadu holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration – Management from Colorado Technical University.

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  • Hannah Engber

    Manager, Government & Public Affairs

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