Contribute to Your State Legislative Action Committee or the Issues Advancement Fund

Legislative Action Committees (LACs) are diverse groups of homeowner leaders, community managers, and representatives from community association business partners that provide perspective to legislators on how proposed legislation could impact people living and working in community associations. They volunteer countless hours to track legislation, give you a voice with legislators, and keep you informed and involved if problematic legislation is introduced or beneficial legislation needs your support.

Your contribution is critical in helping the LACs fulfill their advocacy mission. Most community association boards can legally allocate money to support the Legislative Action Committee. Please check your governing documents to verify before donating. You do not have to be a CAI member to contribute to a LAC. Corporate contributions are allowed and appreciated.

Please note: No portion of your LAC contribution will go to any political party, legislator, or legislative candidate. Contributions or gifts to CAI are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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