As we near the end of the year, the CAI government and public affairs team is proud to announce its many successes. We achieved amicus wins, and legislative victories, and hosted a successful advocacy summit, thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Grassroots Advocacy

To date in 2023, more than 15,000 passionate advocates sent nearly 40,000 messages to state and federal legislators to show their unwavering support for the community association housing model. Their tireless efforts inspired almost 5,000 of their industry colleagues to join in our advocacy. We look forward to another season of positive change.

Advocacy Summit

CAI hosted its first in-person Advocacy Summit in three years. Over 120 advocates from 25 states and Washington, D.C., gathered in November to promote the community association housing model with their members of Congress for the first time since the pandemic.

Legislative Action Committees

In 2023, CAI’s Legislative Action Committees (LAC)s experienced another busy year. These committee members monitored 2,200 pieces of state legislation, educated lawmakers, and represented the interests of those living and working in community associations. Each committee comprises homeowner leaders, community managers, and business partners who graciously volunteer.

Government and Public Affairs Committee

This committee, consisting of 20 distinguished advocacy leaders across the country, developed and updated public policy best practices. Through their expertise and guidance, this committee contributed significantly to the advancement of policies that promote the greater good of the community association housing model. Their commitment to excellence ensured the best practices are implemented and followed across the country.

Federal Legislative Action Committee

This committee of 14 advocacy leaders worked diligently to secure federal support for our priorities. Committee members held discussions with representatives from key federal offices, including members of the Senate and House of Representatives, advocating on CAI’s initiatives including condominium safety legislation and regulations, corporate transparency reporting requirements, and disaster assistance fairness. This group made significant progress on our federal priorities throughout the year.

CAI’s advocacy accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work of our advocates and committee members. Their unmatched commitment has given us so much to be grateful for, and we’re anxiously awaiting the 2024 legislative season.

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From all of us at from CAI’s government and public affairs department, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

  • Dawn Bauman, CAE

    Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs

    Executive Director, Foundation for Community Association Research

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  • Phoebe E. Neseth, Esq.

    Senior Director of Government and Public Affairs and the College of Community Association Lawyers

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  • Lula Fekadu

    Fekadu is the Senior Manager, Government & Public Affairs and PAC Compliance, and works with hundreds of volunteer leaders throughout the 50 states serving on CAI legislative action committees and CAI government affairs committees to advocate for strong and sensible public policy-impacting community associations. As Senior Manager, of Government & Public Affairs and PAC Compliance, Fekadu is a liaison as well as a team leader and has been with the Community Associations Institute for over 20 years. Managing the Legislative Action Committees (LACs) nomination process, the Political Action Committee (PAC), and Lobbying reporting compliance and filing deadlines by ensuring CAI complies with the laws and regulations. Manage CAI Designation Code of Ethics Committee Docket and handle complaint inquiries and provide project management support for special projects at the direction of the SVP. Fekadu holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration – Management from Colorado Technical University.

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  • Hannah Engber

    Manager, Government & Public Affairs

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  • Ben Price

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