From barbecues and town hall meetings to potlucks and craft fairs, community associations across the country are gearing up for the summer. CAI’s Government and Public Affairs team wants to help you increase the impact of your event by inviting elected officials to attend and share relevant information with them. According to the Congressional Management Foundation’s report, Citizen-Centric Advocacy: The Untapped Power of Constituent Engagement, 94% of lawmakers say an in-person visit from a constituent would influence them on an issue they’re undecided on.

CAI’s Constituents in Your Communities campaign is an opportunity for community associations and community association management companies to bring advocacy into their backyards. Community events are incredible opportunities for elected officials and their staffs to experience the incredible culture of your association and learn firsthand about the community association housing model.

CAI represents the 74.2 million Americans who live and work in community associations nationwide. For seven years, we’ve helped connect legislators with community associations with Constituents in Your Communities.


On May 5, 2023, CAI’s Southwest Virginia Chapter held its annual Spring Social at a local community association in Lynchburg, Va. They were joined by Virginia state Sen. Mark Peake (R) and Virginia state Del. Wendell Walker (R) who represent Lynchburg and the surrounding area in Richmond. Attendees said, “We enjoyed having them attend and the opportunity to engage with them. They stayed for well over an hour chatting with members and getting to talk with us about the community association housing model!”

Special thanks to CAI Advocacy Ambassador Ginny Peeples and Southwest Chapter Executive Director Kim Ferrell for planning the event and hosting the legislators.

Last summer, CAI members of the Redmond Ridge ROA in Redmond, Wash., had the opportunity to speak to state Sen. Manka Dhingra (D) at its summer festival. Redmond Ridge ROA includes more than 1,200 single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums northeast of Seattle. Thanks to the work of the staff of Redmond Ridge, and the Washington LAC, Sen. Dhingra met with more than 300 members and discussed important issues such as zoning laws and accessory dwelling units. Special thanks to Redmond Ridge’s Communications Director Chanel Merrit and the Washington LAC lobbyist Krystelle Purkey for planning the event and inviting Sen. Dhingra.

Do you plan to host an event with an elected official? Tell us when and where your event will take place, and we’ll do the rest!


Have questions or need assistance reaching out to your elected officials? We’re here to help. Send us an email at

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