Nine out of 10 condo, HOA, and co-op residents say they vote in national, state, and local elections.

With less than four weeks until Election Day, a new report shows an overwhelming majority (92%) of homeowners living in community associations (also known as planned communities, condominiums, and homeowners associations), “always” or “usually” vote in national elections, according to the 2020 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey conducted by Zogby Analytics for the Foundation for Community Association Research. Similarly, 89% of homeowners surveyed say that they “always” or “usually” vote in local and state elections. The #CAIvotes campaign seeks to highlight this statistic.

The Nov. 3 election is predicted to have one of the highest voter turnouts in decades, and the 73.9 million residents living in 351,000 community associations are expected to wield significant influence. Community Associations Institute (CAI), the leading authority in community association education, governance, and management, launched CAI Votes to assist its 42,000 members and the general public ensure their voices are heard and their votes are counted. This free national resource allows voters to check their registration status, search and find elected officials, learn more about local and state representatives, and request an absentee ballot.

Now is the time to let your elected leaders know that community association policy issues matter to you!

Get Involved. It’s easy!

Help get #CAIvotes trending on social media. Visit and join the #CAIvotes campaign today for resources and templates.

  1. Post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter using the hashtag #CAIvotes. We’ve drafted sample posts and have a Facebook filter for you to use on your profile picture.
  2. Engage your residents and clients. We’ve drafted an email to your community association residents encouraging their involvement.
  3. Repeat. Send periodic reminders through Nov, 3.
  4. Vote. Make your voice heard on Election Day.
Sample Social Media Posts

Homeowner Leaders

  • I #vote in elections because I see how much voting matters in my #HOA. #CAIvotes
  • #Voting makes a difference in national and #HOA elections. #CAIvotes
  • My first elected position was on my #HOA board. #CAIvotes

Community Managers and Management Companies

  • I represent [# of homes or communities] in [state name]. We encourage all our residents to #vote! #CAIvotes
  • I represent [# of homes or communities] in [state name]. #Voting in elections makes our country stronger. #CAIvotes
  • I represent [# of homes or communities] in [state name]. Our residents know the power of #voting. #CAIvotes

Business Leaders

  • I’ve worked with community associations in [state name] for [#] years. #Communityassociations are preferred places to call home because they know the value of #voting. #CAIvotes

CAI Leaders

  • I’ve volunteered to help community associations in [state name or nationally] for [#] years. I know these communities are great places to live because they are governed by neighbors they elect. #CAIvotes
  • I’ve volunteered to help community associations in [state name or nationally] for [#] years. #HOA board member is often the first elected position for future politicians. #CAIvotes



1 in 4 Americans makes their home in a community association.


71% say community association rules protect and enhance home values.


71% of new housing is in a community association.


73 million Americans choose to make their home in a community association.

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