The 2024 CAI Community Association Law Seminar, organized by the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) takes place this week in Las Vegas for attorneys, community association managers, and insurance and risk management professionals.

A highlight of the event is the Case Law Update, which looks at the past year’s most significant court cases shaping community association law. This features a review of relevant statutes and regulations setting precedent for future appellate cases and focuses on emerging trends in community association jurisprudence. CAI’s Case Law Update team reviewed 450 cases from 2023 relevant to the community association housing model and summarized 300 of them. Of these cases, more than two dozen were presented by CCAL fellows during the Case Law Update.

Trends in litigation coincide with what the community association industry sees in legislation each year. Last year, trends included assessments, association operations, attorney’s fees, civil procedure, covenants enforcement, developer transition, fair housing, foreclosure, governing document and statutory interpretations, and rental restrictions.

The Case Law Update features several cases where CAI submitted amicus curiae briefs. CAI’s amicus curiae (friend of the court) program educates and informs the court about important legal and policy issues related to community associations. Find more information on CAI’s amicus briefs here.

These summaries are an indispensable resource for community association lawyers across the country. Whether your practice focuses on community association litigation, regulation, or legislation, please keep CAI’s database in mind as a resource. View the database here.

Thank you to the 2023 Case Law Update team and incredibly talented presenters for volunteering their time and expertise to research, organize, and summarize the most important cases from 2023.

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