With fall upon us, many community associations across the United States are planning for their annual meetings and budgets. On average, community association residents connect three to four times per year with their community’s governing board, according to the Homeowner Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research. One of those connecting events is the community’s annual meeting.

Annual meetings are required by community association governing documents, which specify when it will be conducted, as well as how and when members will be notified about the meeting. Members receive the new budget, elect a new board, hear committee reports, and discuss common interest items during this meeting. Annual meetings are a perfect opportunity for Legislative Action Committee (LAC) members to discuss making an annual financial contribution from their communities and clients to their state CAI LAC.

CAI LAC Fundraising and Contribution Opportunities

Members of CAI’s LACs fundraise throughout the year. One way is by encouraging communities and clients to add a budget line item to support CAI’s Dollar-a-Door campaign. Communities also may make a flat donation to the state LAC during budget season. CAI also has a sample community association board resolution for a CAI state LAC contribution for LAC members to share with communities.

CAI’s Dollar-a-Door campaign encourages community associations to consider donating $1 per door (or more) to their state LAC to ensure their community voice is heard within state capitols. We encourage LAC members and communities holding their annual meetings in the coming weeks and reviewing budgets to consider adding an annual budget line-item contribution to their state LAC.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​LACs are diverse groups of homeowner leaders, community managers, and representatives from community association business partners that provide perspective to legislators on how proposed legislation could impact people living and working in community associations. CAI’s LACs work year-round to monitor state legislation, educate lawmakers, and protect the interests of those living and working in community associations. Each committee is comprised of homeowner leaders, community managers, and business partners who graciously volunteer countless hours to track legislation, give you a voice with legislators, and keep you informed and involved if problematic legislation is introduced or beneficial legislation needs your support.

In hand with CAI’s dedicated volunteers, many LACs hire and pay for a lobbyist. Without CAI’s lobbyists, the community association industry would not experience the level of success in each state capitol when advocating for the 74.1 million Americans living and working in community associations, according to the Foundation.

Contributions from community association boards and companies are critical in helping the LACs fulfill their advocacy mission. Most community association boards can legally allocate money to support the LAC. Please check your governing documents before donating. You don’t have to be a CAI member to contribute to a LAC. Corporate contributions are allowed and appreciated. Homeowner leaders, community managers, and business partners should consider encouraging their communities to budget for an annual LAC donation today.

Click here to donate to your LAC electronically.

Learn more about your state’s LAC here. Please contact CAI’s Government and Public Affairs team with any questions regarding LAC fundraising opportunities at government@caionline.org.

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