CAI continues to emphasize the importance of building safety through proactive maintenance measures, financial sustainability, and funding for repairs and maintenance in condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners associations.

Reflecting on the enduring lessons from the devastating Surfside tragedy and the lives lost, CAI remains dedicated to ensuring the safety and resilience of community associations nationwide through advocacy efforts at the federal, state, and local levels.

Since the tragedy in 2021, state and federal government-led initiatives focusing on successful and proactive repair and maintenance funding opportunities for community associations have been enacted including:

Florida – In 2024, Florida passed legislation creating the “My Safe Florida Home Program” allowing certain condominium associations to participate in a grant rebate program for building inspections, and for certain improvements in the inspection recommendation. The program could lead to potential insurance savings. This new program took effect in July. Applications will be available in the fall. The program aims to assist eligible condominium associations by specifically offering hurricane mitigation inspections to determine how to reduce a property’s vulnerability as well as grants for hardening the property to improve its resilience against hurricanes.

Maryland – In 2024, Maryland’s legislature passed legislation providing counties the authority to establish a fund to provide support for infrastructure repairs in a condominium association or homeowners association. Funding can only be used to repair critical infrastructure normally paid for by the municipality such as stormwater management. It does not cover amenities. This legislation passed the majority of the Maryland Senate and House and was signed by Gov. Wes Moore (D). It takes effect in October.

U.S. House of Representatives – In 2023, on the eve of the second anniversary of the partial condo collapse in Surfside, U.S. Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and Bill Posey (R-Fla.) introduced the bipartisan H.R. 4465 – Making Condos Safer and Affordable Act. The act provides comprehensive relief to expand and ensure access to public and private loans for structural and safety repairs. The bill provides bipartisan preventive assistance for millions of residents grappling with building integrity realities exposed in the Surfside collapse. Wasserman Schultz’s district includes Surfside, Fla., where Champlain Towers South once stood. Join CAI in urging your Member of Congress to support this legislation here.

Read CAI’s newly updated, award-winning Condominium Safety Public Policy Report: Reserve Studies and Funding, Maintenance and Structural Integrity for a full summary of these legislative and policy updates and access to relevant public policies here.

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For community associations seeking financing and funding options for critical infrastructure projects, please review CAI’s Professional Services Directory here


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