The most innovative, creative ideas for confronting and solving serious problems through legislation begin at the state level. That’s why CAI joined more than 200 organizations—corporations, federal, state and local government agencies, trade associations, special interest groups, and consulting firms—to exhibit at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) Legislative Summit last week. More than 1,000 state legislators, 250 international lawmakers, and 900 staff members came through the exhibit hall looking for information. That gave CAI the opportunity to make new contacts, strengthen our standing, and forge new relationships in the legislatures.

Even though many states have adopted a uniform act governing condominiums, homeowners associations, or cooperatives, they all regulate them differently. With CAI tracking more than 1,300 pieces of legislation annually that directly impact community associations—and over 175 of those bills becoming laws—we need to interact face to face with the lawmakers who are shaping public policy that affect our industry.

CAI is fortunate enough to benefit from the several hundred homeowners, managers, and business partners who volunteer thousands of combined hours for their respective state legislative action committees. These committees work tirelessly to advocate for laws that support more effective governance and oppose misguided or troublesome legislation. Based on their efforts, we were able to provide legislators and their staff members at the NCSL Legislative Summit with information and resources on how to better serve their constituents living in community associations. Our goal is to reinforce the idea that CAI is the number one resource on all community associations issues and to remind legislators that our dedication to our members and their constituents is available indefinitely.

On a personal note, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several chapter, state, and national trade shows on behalf of CAI. Exhibiting is not an easy task. Being on your feet for multiple hours over multiple days and always being ready to hold a conversation is exhausting. But it’s a good reminder of the dedication CAI members show when they volunteer to work toward improving the quality of life in community associations. In the end, CAI staff members and our terrific volunteers all are working toward the same result: improving the quality of life in community associations.

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