Promoting Civic Engagement in Community Associations

According to the Foundation for Community Association Research’s Homeowner Satisfaction Survey, a staggering 92% of all homeowners have a plan to participate in all state and national elections. In line with this strong commitment to civic engagement, CAI is taking proactive steps to empower and celebrate community association members’ active participation in the democratic process.

Celebrating the Voting Experience

CAI is proudly collaborating with Civic Holidays as an official creative civic holiday partner. Civic Holidays represent a series of nonpartisan events dedicated to bolster and honor the principles of American democracy. The civic holidays—National Voter Registration Day, National Voter Education Week, Vote Early Day, and Election Hero Day—serve as nonpartisan celebrations that mobilize hundreds of thousands of voters annually.

CAI is thrilled to actively participate in these events this year and promote resources aimed at encouraging voter participation. Our goal is to assist community associations become #VoteReady, promote #CAIVotes, and get out the #VoteforHome ensures members are well-informed and ready to participate in upcoming elections.

Key Dates

Here are the 2023 civic holidays you can celebrate with CAI:

  1. National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 19.
  2. National Voter Education Week from Oct. 2-6.
  3. Vote Early Day on Oct. 26.
  4. Election Hero Day on Nov. 6.

These nonpartisan days of action celebrate core democratic values by mobilizing individuals and organizations from across the country. Our collective aim is to create an America where every citizen actively participates in elections and exercises their right to vote.

CAI’s Partnership and Voter Resources

As part of our commitment to promoting civic engagement, CAI also is proud to work with the League of Women Voters (LWV). We’re utilizing LWV’s interactive widget to easily look up what’s on the ballots and prepare to vote. Our partnership with LWV stands as an example of CAI’s unwavering dedication to providing the tools and resources necessary for active and informed civic participation. Together, we can further the shared vision of a democracy where every citizen’s voice is heard, and participation is accessible to all. This collaboration embodies our commitment to promoting the principles of democracy within community associations and beyond, ensuring that the spirit of civic engagement remains vibrant and inclusive for generations to come.

At CAI, we understand the power of advocacy. As advocates, you can play a crucial role in driving civic engagement. Here are some easy ways to get #VoteReady:

  1. Utilize Template Emails: We’ve prepared template emails you can customize and send to fellow advocates. Encourage them to join the civic holidays celebrations and promote voter participation.
  2. Leverage Social Media Posts: Sharing on social media is a powerful way to reach a broader audience. We’ve created social media posts to easily share with your network. Spread the word about civic holidays and how community associations can be part of this important movement.
  3. Share Eye-Catching Graphics: Visual content is engaging. We’ve designed graphics you can incorporate into your social media posts or emails. These graphics make your advocacy efforts more impactful.

Take Part in the Celebration

You can contribute to this vital mission by sharing your celebrations with CAI at or post on social media with the hashtags #VoteReady, #CAIVotes, and #VoteforHome. Together, let’s ensure community associations are well prepared and actively engaged in the democratic process for 2023 and beyond. It’s time to make our voices heard!

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