Grassroots advocacy initiatives are critical to the success of CAI’s legislative action committees and advocates at their respective state capitols. Each year, CAI advocacy leaders engage with and encourage members across the country to connect with their elected officials and advocate on behalf of the 73.9 million Americans currently living in community associations.

As this housing model continues to grow, we predict a greater need for advocacy efforts this year. In 2020, more than 24,800 CAI advocates sent over 116,500 call-to-action emails to their respective state and federal legislators advocating for issues impacting their communities. CAI anticipates these numbers to increase drastically in 2021 with all 50 states convening their legislative sessions.

It is more important than ever for CAI advocates to engage in grassroots activism across the country. CAI believes it’s crucial for our members to tell legislators their stories and help them better understand the need for proper public policy decisions when approaching state legislation regulating community associations.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some legislative sessions are being held virtually. CAI has ample resources available for our members to use when connecting virtually with their legislators. The most effective advocacy tool is for organizing call-to-action email campaigns, which directly connect CAI members and their elected officials with the click of a button. Advocates can curate a compelling ask for their legislator and connect with hundreds of CAI members at the same time. These campaigns easily allow for a legislator to understand if members of the community association industry are in support or in opposition of a bill and its impact on the housing model.

CAI members can join us today in advocating for community associations by:

Our team is here to help support CAI advocates navigating grassroots campaigns and membership engagement. Please reach out to our Government and Public Affairs team at to learn more about how you can become an advocate for the community association housing model.

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