41 states and the District of Columbia 2020 legislative sessions have commenced, and CAI is tracking more than 1,000 pieces of legislation impacting community associations. In addition, U.S. Congress is in session and the federal agencies continue their worksome of which impacts community associations. Here is a brief update on several federal priorities.

Assistance Animals

HUD updated guidance on emotional support animals. The update addresses (1) disability certificates obtained from the Internet, (2) bona fide patient-practitioner relationships in disability diagnosis, and (3) exotic animal species serving as emotional support animals. HUD’s guidance includes a list of questions housing providers may ask to validate a reasonable accommodation request for an emotional support animal.

HAM Radio

CAI staff are meeting with key congressional offices on legislation preempting association covenants that apply to HAM radio equipment and antennas. CAI staff emphasize HAM radio is compatible with the community association housing model and reasonable HAM radio operator antenna requests are routinely approved by community associations.

Disaster Assistance Legislation

CAI staff are coordinating with the office of U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to advance H.R. 5337, the Disaster Assistance Equity Act. Rep. Nadler has asked CAI to focus on obtaining Republican cosponsors from Florida. CAI is coordinating congressional meetings with targeted CAI member advocacy alerts to reinforce constituent support for H.R. 5337. Currently, H.R. 5337 has 11 cosponsors—6 Republicans and 5 Democrats. Four additional Representatives have committed to cosponsoring H.R. 5337 but have not yet been added to the legislation.

Impediments to Affordable Housing Construction

CAI has filed comments with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in response to a request for information on state and local laws that increase home construction costs. CAI’s comments urge respect for association covenants and argue construction defect statutes are necessary to protect community association homeowners from shoddy construction.

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