Condominiums, homeowners associations, and housing cooperatives are facing unique challenges related to the spread of COVID-19. Federal, state, and local governments are leading responses to the crisis by issuing emergency declarations, stay-at-home orders, short-term rental moratoriums, nonessential business closures orders, and foreclosure and eviction moratoriums. CAI’s Government and Public Affairs team has a breakdown of these actions, their impact on community associations, and resources for communities to help navigate these changes.

  • Federal Government Action Summaries: Information on the federal mortgage foreclosure and eviction actions, Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Program loans.
  • State Government Action Summaries: Information on each state’s emergency declarations, stay-at-home orders, essential worker lists, foreclosure and eviction actions, short-term rental bans, and pending state legislation.
  • Local Government Action Summaries: Information on local government actions, including city and county short-term rental bans.
  • Essential Worker Template: CAI believes the stay-at-home orders include the essential tasks of a community association manager. It’s important for managers to confirm their status with an attorney in their state.
  • Downloadable Printed Forms and Graphics: Download sample letters to residents, virtual meeting guidelines, community support forms, and essential worker forms.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Our experts answer COVID-19 frequently asked questions, including closing common areas, assessments, cleaning procedures, meetings, and elections.

On March 27, the CAI Board of Trustees released a statement of moratorium on foreclosures encouraging self-regulation of the community association housing model. CAI encourages community associations to adopt a moratorium on foreclosures for 60 days (or until at least June 1) for COVID-19 related assessment delinquencies. More than 20 states have enacted suspensions on foreclosures during the pandemic. The CAI Board of Trustees applauds the actions community association board leaders and community managers are taking and for their dedication to the residents, employees, and business partners in their communities.

CAI recognizes the amount of work our members dedicate to advocating on behalf of the 73.5 million Americans living in a community association. There are many uncertainties about the severity and impacts of this disease, and CAI remains committed to helping the people living and working in community associations navigate this unique period of risks and challenges.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to CAI’s Government and Public Affairs team at or 888-224-4321. For more COVID-19 resources for community associations, visit

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