With more than 7,550 state legislators serving across the United States, CAI’s 37 legislative action committees (LACs) collaborate often with elected officials and staff to develop public policy. Approximately 85% of CAI’s advocacy efforts occur at this level of government, reflecting the importance of state law for the community association housing model.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CAI’s legislative action committees monitor state legislation, educate lawmakers, and protect the interests of those living and working in community associations. When deserved, CAI’s LACs recognize key state legislators for their leadership and support for the thousands of residents living in community associations within their state.

Following the 2023 legislative sessions, CAI’s Nevada and Tennessee LACs each recognized state legislators for their commitment to advancing the best public policy possible for community associations within their districts and state.

CAI’s Nevada LAC and lobbyist Garrett Gordon recognized Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro (D), Asm. Alexis Hansen (R), and Sen. Dallas Harris (D) during the CAI Nevada Chapter’s 2023 Legislative Update and Trade Show for their commitment to advancing public policy on behalf of the community association housing model.

Cannizzaro introduced and successfully passed legislation advancing association’s technological abilities by allowing for additional electronic means to be utilized by community associations. Hansen introduced and successfully passed legislation that will allow Nevada community associations to utilize electronic voting and voting machines for elections in lieu of paper ballots, which is a CAI legislative priority. Harris introduced and successfully passed legislation providing a simplified process for community associations to remove discriminatory and restrictive covenants from declarations, which is another CAI legislative priority.

CAI’s Tennessee LAC and lobbyist Martha Gentry recognized Sen. Shane Reeves (R) and Rep. Jason Powell (D) during a CAI Tennessee Chapter monthly luncheon for their commitment to condominium safety. Reeves and Powell introduced and successfully passed companion legislation mandating reserve studies for condominiums in Tennessee. Since the tragic Surfside, Fla., condominium collapse in 2021, CAI has prioritized reserve study and funding mandates in state legislatures across the country. These legislators played key roles in advancing this public policy.

CAI estimates that nearly 84% of new housing in the U.S. is in a condominium or homeowners association. Each of these state legislators exhibited a deep understanding of the community association housing model, and their leadership is incredibly valuable to this housing demographic.

Get Involved! The recognition and education of legislators is an ongoing process for the community association industry. Please take 1-2 minutes to introduce yourself to your state legislators, informing them of your role within the community association housing model and how to support community associations within their district here.

For more information on how to get involved in CAI’s advocacy efforts, visit the CAI Advocacy Corner webpage.

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