In an era where community voices are instrumental in shaping policies, CAI’s Constituents in Your Communities program stands as a bridge between local community associations and their elected officials. This program is more than just events; it’s a conduit for communication, an opportunity for legislators to learn about the community association housing model and its benefits.

Politics begins on the local level and these events are the best opportunity to share what makes CAI, its members, volunteers, and business partners great. By facilitating face-to-face interactions, town halls, and events, the program offers an opportunity for legislators to gain firsthand experience of community association housing models and their impact on residents.

Spotlight on Notable Events

This year, several impactful events brought communities and legislators closer together:

Southwest Virginia Chapter Spring Social – Meet CAI Leaders 

CAI’s Southwest Virginia Chapter held its annual Spring Social on May 5 at a local community association in Lynchburg, Va. Virginia state Sen. Mark Peake (R) and Virginia state Del. Wendell Walker (R), representing the Lynchburg area, joined the event. Attendees had the unique opportunity to engage with the legislators and discuss the community association housing model. The legislators spent over an hour interacting with members, showcasing the program’s success in fostering meaningful connections.

Madrid Manor Mobile Estates Town Hall – Exploring the Housing Model

Madrid Manor Mobile Estates in San Marcos, Calif., hosted a town hall with Councilman Ed Musgrove, where they delved into the intricacies of the community association housing model. This event allowed long-time association members to explain the model’s benefits and importance to Musgrove, fostering a deeper understanding of community associations among local officials.

Hilton Head Plantation – Community Engagement with Sen. Tom Davis

In South Carolina, Hilton Head Plantation’s General Manager and CAI’s Government and Public Affairs Committee Chair T. Peter Kristian organized “Coffee with Peter,” which saw an impressive turnout of more than 175 residents. State Sen. Tom Davis (R) engaged with attendees. The event provided a platform for residents to discuss local and statewide issues with Davis who has served in Columbia since 2009.

Indian Mountain Lake Civic Association Annual Meeting – Bringing it All Together

The Indian Mountain Lake Civic Association in Pennsylvania’s Poconos Mountains hosted its annual meeting with guest speaker Mackenzie Mueller. Mueller, chief of staff for State Sen. Rosemary Brown (R), spoke along with Robert Travis, secretary and treasurer of the Pennsylvania Legislative Action Committee. Sen. Brown’s pivotal role in the committee where community association bills are discussed made Mueller’s presence invaluable. This event showcased how CAI’s program facilitates productive discussions about legislation that affects community associations.

Glen at Tamiment Summer Festival – Establishing New Connections

In the Poconos mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Glen at Tamiment community organized a summer festival, inviting local elected officials to engage with residents. State Rep. Tarah Probst (D) was a standout attendee, spending two hours chatting with over 200 residents and learning about their concerns. As the community is a new member of Probst’s district, her presence provided residents with a platform to voice their opinions and highlighted the importance of building relationships between communities and their elected representatives.

CAI’s Constituents in Your Communities Program demonstrates the power of connecting local community associations and legislators. By providing opportunities for open dialogue, these events foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and benefits of community association housing models. These interactions lay the foundation for informed decision-making and advocacy that can positively impact the lives of residents and contribute to the growth and development of thriving communities. As the program bridges the gap between communities and legislators, the resulting collaborations promise to shape the future of community associations for the better.

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