With Labor Day weekend behind us, Congress is reconvening in Washington D.C., for session. Eight state legislatures are back in their respective state Capitols to complete their 2023 legislative sessions and five states are preparing for the upcoming 2023 state election cycles in November. CAI Advocacy reflects on 2023 community association legislative trends to date and predicts 2024 industry trends.

According to FiscalNote, in the 2023 state legislative sessions, the combined statehouses across the United States introduced more than 132,600 bills and enacted over 30,800 of them. The states introduced 44% more bills in 2023 than in 2022. This year, CAI Advocacy tracked more than 2,100 bills impacting the community association housing model across all 50 state legislatures.

46 states convene for their respective state legislative sessions beginning in January of 2024. CAI’s government and public affairs team tracks legislation throughout the calendar year at the federal, state, and local level, analyzing community association legislative and policy industry trends impacting the industry across the United States to properly prepare resources for CAI’s legislative action committees.

Take the 2024 Legislative Trends and Priorities Survey Today! CAI’s government and public affairs team annually researches, predicts, and develops the upcoming year’s community association legislative priorities impacting the community association industry based on survey results from hundreds of CAI legislative action committee members. Please help us further understand the 2024 legislative issues you foresee in your state by taking this short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2024legislativetrends.

CAI’s 2023 National Legislative Trend Survey accurately predicted the following trends for state legislative sessions:

  • Reserve studies and funding
  • Building inspections and maintenance
  • Community values: i.e., solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, landscaping requirements, etc.
  • Amendment process to remove discriminatory restrictive covenants

2024 Legislative Trends and Priorities Survey

CAI encourages you to bookmark our legislative tracking site, and check your state’s updates daily to stay on top of the bills being proposed.

Get Involved Today! Get involved in CAI’s advocacy efforts for the 2024 legislative session season now, by joining CAI’s Advocacy Ambassador program. Through this program, you will assist in recruiting, organizing, and motivating other CAI advocates. If an advocacy issue arises in your area, you will be called upon to help get the word out so CAI has a stronger voice with legislators.

Learn more about CAI’s additional advocacy resources for members. If you have questions or comments, please contact CAI’s Government and Public Affairs team at government@caionline.org.

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